ESG & Community

We are committed to building a more sustainable financial system. We embrace our responsibility to support regional economies, investing to stimulate job creation and aid job retention, as well as having real social impact by being physically present in our markets.

Partner with purpose

Our team is dedicated to:

  • Building a well-diversified portfolio to deliver strong and stable returns
  • Backing sectors and businesses that meet our return expectations, are scalable and sustainable
  • Helping borrowers to apply best practice within their operations, with good governance and acting in a socially responsible manner
  • Continually adding value to the regions and societies that our businesses operate in

Our policies.

We address broader environmental concerns, such as encouraging the efficient use of energy and natural resources in order to reduce the impact on human health and the environment.

We assess how the operations of our borrowers have an impact on the individuals employed and the wider communities in which they are based. Our policy aims to promote:

  • The health and safety of workers, adjacent communities and consumers
  • Fair labour and working conditions
  • Positive impacts on affected communities

We ensure good corporate governance across our portfolio to help build sustainable businesses and drive value. We seek to have Board Observer rights in each investee company and encourage clarity on four key areas:

  • Roles and responsibilities of board members
  • Composition of the board
  • Agenda setting and content
  • Quality reporting

The Board should always look to:

  • Exhibit honesty, integrity, fairness and respect in the company’s business dealings
  • Adopt high standards of professional conduct and excellence
  • Manage the business affairs prudently and with due care, skill and diligence
  • Enhance the good reputation of the company
  • Work towards maximising value for shareholders of the business

Our track record

We encourage our portfolio businesses to proactively manage and report against ESG KPIs set by the Principles for Responsible Investment. Here are some of our achievements to date:


have a CSR action plan in place


introduced Environmental Management System


of employees received training


have a health and safety plan


have annual profit share


introduced waste sorting


have reduced waste and energy use


have a human rights ethics code


female board members

In the community

Supporting the communities that we operate in is part of our DNA and we give back by delivering value beyond the capital we invest.

This commitment stretches beyond our investment portfolio, by partnering with like minded social organisations, causes and projects whose priorities and values match our own. Consequently, they can draw upon our unique business experience to achieve their own growth aspirations and missions.